Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing ! Which one is Better?

What is Marketing?​

Marketing is visualizing the product or service you offer to be provided to a person or potential customer, planning for it, and executing this perception appropriately that satisfies the customer moreover conforms to his requirements.

Marketing also means placing the product and showing it in the appropriate place to make potential customers cooperate with you without employers similar to you.

As a result, you get the primary purpose of marketing, which is an increase in profits and obtaining the largest number of loyal customers.

To achieve the primary purpose of marketing, which is to obtain more profits and potential customers.

There are many ways to catch the audience’s attention. Marketing is one of a business’s most essential things. It helps obtain people’s attention.

There are two types of Marketing, Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is considered one of the primary methods of marketing, where the product or service is presented to the public through one of the following : 1- TV or Radio Ads2- Maild postcards3- Ads in Newspaper or Magazines4- flyers5- Telephone calls

Why Traditional Marketing!​

We hear and see many ads daily on television and in newspapers, We can see such marketing ads on flyers wherever we go out.

We could also notice on every road giant banners of film ads. Those film ads are also one type of marketing because they capture the attention of the people that walk across the street.

Therefore, ads and banners are everywhere, which refers to Traditional marketing.

For many businesses, traditional marketing strategies work better depending on the type of target audience. Therefore, their target audience would prefer the traditional ways,

  • If your target audiences are older people, then traditional marketing is the most effective type of marketing. In that case, many surveys prove that people over 50s are watching tv and reading newspapers more than twice the time compared to those in their 30s.
  • Suppose your target is to capture a local audience. Small businesses grow better using flyers and billboards all across the street. It is because it can gain the attention of a local audience who reside in the city.
  • One massive benefit of traditional marketing ads is that they get played repeatedly. But in digital marketing, people can skip them easily.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the opposite of traditional marketing, as it uses modern technologies that did not exist previously to reach the audience in innovative and new ways. Digital marketing strategies evolve quickly because of new technology. These strategies target people who use the internet or smartphones.   Digital Marketing includes:

  • Website Building
  • Social Media Posts
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing
  • PPC Pay- Per – Click
  • Video Marketing

Why Digital Marketing!​

There are many good reasons why we go toward digital marketing; It is the most effective way to reach a broader range of audiences, moreover directly engage with them.

Let’s start with some advantages of Digital marketing.

  • Reach a broader range audience: You can reach and connect with more people wherever they are, offering your service through digital marketing.


  • Minimize ads cost: If you are a small business owner, you don’t need to pay a lot of money to show your services on television or via a flyer, as is done in traditional marketing, which takes a lot of money from you.


  • It is simple to track the audience: You can quickly obtain the information when someone uses your site, follows you on social media, or messages you regarding queries.

Which one is Better?


A. IT Depends

But digital marketing is often the best if you are a small business owner or want to reach largest number of followers and potential customers.

Also, if you want to get a specific group of people, the best choice is Digital Marketing.

On the other hand, if you are targeting older people or a specific local group, the best choice for you to obtain a good percentage is choosing Traditional Marketing.

Finally, depending on your business nature, you are the only one to decide which method you will choose. For example, is it traditional or digital marketing .in order to increase profits and obtain the largest number of loyal customers?

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