Why Companies Without Digital Marketing Fail?


The industry of digital marketing is going on a rocket speed, and everyday carries new changes and developments. Digital marketers can’t afford to miss out on new trends or changes, because it will mean losing money and clients.
To keep up-to-date with every single new change, a smart marketer must keep researching about new trends
and learn how to make them new assets and take advantage to turn them into revenues.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing: Who Is the Winner?

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Steps for developing the digital marketing

Since 1990 and the business world is becoming “digital
that adapts more electronic methods and techniques in marketing rather than traditional ones,
but not excluding them completely at the same time.
The best business marketing model in 2017 is proven to be “integrated
which refers to incorporating both digital and traditional means of marketing and advertising.
Digital marketing involves all what is smart and electronic; from email marketing to social media advertising, mobile Apps, and Google Ads; just to name a few. Digital Marketing is rapidly growing worldwide and its results are off the charts! It is becoming more and more unacceptable for any kind of business not to embrace digital marketing. Whether you own a small shop or market, or you offer local services like cleaning and maintenance,
people (potential customers) will always search you online before trusting your business,
and not having an online presence can be huge disappointment and accordingly cause loss.

Marketing Campaign

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Targeting smart phone users with digital marketing

According to the Jeff Bullas website, out of the 7.2 billion people on Earth, 45% of them use the internet actively,
and out of those 3.65 billion have accessed the internet through their smart phones.
So think of all those potential customers in your country and how having an effective digital marketing plan
can make you reach all those customers and offer your services without any trouble or maximum effort to them.

Why you need Digital Marketing agency to promote your business ?!

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Keep in touch with your customers through social media

Youtube has declared that about 93% of internet users make their buying decision according to Social Media because of other people’s recommendations, and not the advertisements itself (Source). From this we can conclude that the buying and selling now depends mainly on digital platforms and modern word of mouth. So for you not to engage with your audience and customers through social media means you would lose your business status among other competitors, not to mention the loss of your customers’ trust and deals.

Facebook campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

To wrap it up, how can you prevent your company from failing? Firstly, Be Available Online! If you know your target audience, arrange the perfect marketing strategy to promote and boost your digital marketing, and hence, the selling process. Through an impeccable marketing plan, you can increase sales up to the roof.
You should also refrain from depending on amateurs, although how tempting it seems to hire a low-cost service, it will actually cost you more! Once it is proven that there are no true results, you will have to re-do the whole process with professionals this time around. So, start with hiring a professional digital marketing firm that know every emerging trend in the digital world to handle your company’s platforms all at the same time and drive you revenues and profits. 


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