Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing: Who Is the Winner?

Marketing is one of the broadest concepts that exposed to change and development by-the-hour. It includes several technologies and techniques, both modern and traditional. Marketing’s concept is to search for the needs of customers and try to satisfy them with services or products. In 1990, a new concept was introduced in the world of marketing, namely, electronic marketing or digital marketing. It covers some aspects of traditional marketing, but it is based mainly on electronic methods via the internet.

Since then, E-marketing has evolved exponentially, making it a profitable industry in itself that is now worth billions. Many believe that this type of marketing exists only on social media channels such as Facebook, and website ads. This is true to some extent, but there is more to it than this. E-marketing is based on many factors. To insure the success of the entire digital marketing strategy, you first need to work on these factors one-by-one. We will discuss some of the most important Digital Marketing factors in an attempt to understand more about its ways.

Search & Analysis:

It is the cornerstone of any marketing plan. Marketing experts are constantly searching for the needs of customers in order to find the suitable solutions that satisfy customers. It also includes the search for market competitors and looking for a marketing edge to compete and outrun them. This factor is on-going during the whole marketing process and without it, grave results might occur.


In this step, tasks assigned to different teams. They must be carried out efficiently and with high level of creativity to ensure the success of the marketing process. Also, to distinguish it from any marketing plan for any other competitor. Timed schedules are very crucial, it can save you time, effort, and money.

Content Creating:

Once we set the strategy and the marketing goal, the content creation step comes next. The digital content comes in several forms; written, video, or interactive, all are ultimately aimed at achieving the company’s marketing plan and delivering its message clearly to customers. The greater the content, the higher your chances at attracting clients and deals.


This is the first practical factor in the digital marketing process in which developers create designs that convey the image of business’s activity in the best manner. Owning a website facilitates things for customers and gives them a better idea about your business.

Social Media:

One of the most crucial steps in the last decade that has proven its importance in the world of E-marketing is Social Media. That is because it can attract specific category of consumers who would purchase the services and products your company offers. analytical feature characterized this stag , which can follow the patterns of customers’ behavior and figure out ways to satisfy them. Some of the most used social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many are emerging by the day.

Email Marketing:

Although considered one of the oldest electronic methods, it still is very effective in the marketing process. It is used to keep your followers update with latest news or announcements. However, you have to be extra careful when using this technique since many customers feel uncomfortable with continues emails in their inbox. You should avoid exaggeration and send them only the right amount to keep them updated.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It means ranking your website on the top of search results, which increases the chances of visitors going to your website. At this stage, you might want to hire an experienced and professional digital marketing company since it can be a bit overwhelming for you to manage all SEO aspects.