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Own a Website for Your Online Business

Designing a professional website is essential to enhance your company's image on the Internet. Professional website design contributes to attracting customers and placing your business in the digital competition. We provide you with website design services that meet your needs and achieve your goals. Invest in designing a website that highlights your company's identity and makes it more influential in today's digital market. We design for you an attractive and easy-to-use website that reflects your company's identity and helps you achieve your goals.

Travel Agency Website Design

A website design for travel agencies showcases travel destinations attractively and allows for easy and secure online booking. This enhances the customer experience and increases booking rates, in addition to providing comprehensive information about travel packages, helping attract more clients and expanding the customer base.

School Website Design

A sophisticated school website design facilitates communication between administration, students, and parents, enhancing transparency in the educational process and making it easier for students to access schedules and extracurricular activities. It also allows the school to effectively and directly publish news and announcements, enhancing community engagement.


Get a unique website design that enhances your digital presence, boosts customer engagement with your business, and supports your marketing strategies at competitive prices.

Construction Company Website Design

A website design for construction companies showcases past and current projects professionally, highlighting work efficiency and quality. The site can include project details and services offered, helping attract more clients and new projects, and enhancing the company's presence in the market.

Consulting Office Website Design

A website design for consulting offices like law and accounting firms professionally showcases the office's expertise and services offered. The site can include legal or financial articles, attracting clients looking for reliable information, and enhancing your credibility. It also facilitates communication with new and existing clients.


Website for Import and Export Companies

A website design for import and export companies provides a platform to professionally showcase products and services, making it easy for international clients to access company information. Additionally, the website enhances transparency and trust between the company and clients by providing detailed information about products, services, quality certifications, and shipping and delivery procedures. This increases opportunities for business collaboration and sustainable growth.

Web Design

The website is the visual aspect of your brand that delivers information much more quicker than words. It gives your clients an instant trust and protection that makes them know you are professional and care about your business and your service.

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It refers to the ability of a website to be displayed on different devices and platforms such as windows desktop and smartphones with full efficiency. Vadecom’s websites are totally-responsive and mobile-friendly. 

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Having a website can majorly ease the process of selling your products or advertising your latest news. It also increases the numbers of your visitors and accordingly your sales. 

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Vadecom’s custom-made website is compatible with your company and style that conveys perfectly your business image and message. It is designed to your preferences taking into consideration it must be distinguished from any other competitor, and with affordable price.

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Along with designing a professional website for your business, Vadecom offers great deals of Hosting, Domain names, and Digital Marketing to make your whole online experience comprehensive and easy. 

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Securing a WordPress website is an important step in protecting your site and your visitors' information. Here are a few ways to secure your WordPress website:

  1. Keep your WordPress software and plugins up to date: Regularly update your WordPress software and plugins to ensure that you have the latest security patches and fixes.

  2. Use a strong and unique password: Use a strong and unique password for your WordPress admin account, and encourage your users to do the same.

  3. Use a security plugin: Use a security plugin such as Wordfence or Sucuri to add an extra layer of security to your site. These plugins can help prevent brute force attacks, block malicious IPs, and scan your site for malware.

  4. Use a web application firewall (WAF): A WAF (web application firewall) can help protect your site from common web attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

  5. Limit login attempts: Limit the number of login attempts that can be made on your site to prevent brute force attacks. You can use a plugin like Login Lockdown to do this.

  6. Use SSL certificate: Use an SSL certificate to encrypt the data transmitted between your website and the visitors' browser, this will help protect sensitive information such as login credentials and credit card information.

  7. Regularly backup your website: Regularly backup your website so that you can restore it in case of an attack or a problem.

  8. Monitor your website: Regularly monitoring your website for unusual activity, such as new users or changes to content, can help you detect and respond to a security breach quickly.

It's important to note that security is an ongoing process, even if you take all these steps, you should always keep an eye on your website and update any new security measures as soon as they become available.



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If you suspect that your WordPress site has been infected with malware, it's essential to take action immediately to remove it. Here are the steps you can take to remove malware from your WordPress site:

  1. Back up your site: Before you start any malware removal process, it is essential to take a backup of your website so that you can restore it if anything goes wrong.

  2. Scan your website: Many online malware scanners can help you identify malware on your website. You can also use a security plugin like Wordfence or Sucuri to scan your website for malware.

  3. Identify the infected files: Once you have identified the malware, you need to place the files that have been infected. You can do this by looking at the results of your scan and checking the timestamps of files to find any files that have been recently modified.

  4. Remove the infected files: Once you have identified them, you can remove them from your website. You can do this manually or use a security plugin that automatically removes the malware.

  5. Update your plugins and themes: Outdated plugins and themes can be a security risk, so keeping them up-to-date is essential. Ensure all your plugins and themes are updated to their latest versions.

  6. Change your passwords: Changing your passwords regularly is an important security measure. Ensure you change your WordPress admin password, FTP password, and any other passwords associated with your website.

  7. Install a security plugin: To prevent future malware attacks, you can install a security plugin like Wordfence, Sucuri, or iThemes Security. These plugins can help you monitor your website for malware and protect it from future attacks.

  8. Keep your website updated: Keeping your website updated with the latest version of WordPress, plugins, and themes is essential to ensure that any security vulnerabilities are patched.

In summary, removing malware from your WordPress site involves identifying and removing infected files, updating your plugins and themes, changing your passwords, installing a security plugin, and keeping your website updated.

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Backing up your WordPress site is essential to ensure you have a copy of your website's files and data in case of unexpected data loss, hacking, or website crashes. Here are the steps to back up your WordPress site:

  1. Use a Backup Plugin: There are various backup plugins available, such as UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, and VaultPress. Choose one that suits your needs and install it on your WordPress site.

  2. Configure the Plugin: After installing the plugin, you must configure it by selecting the backup frequency, location, and file types. Most plugins provide you with a choice of backing up your files to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

  3. Create a Backup: Once you have configured the plugin, you can create a backup of your WordPress site by clicking the "Backup Now" button. This process may take some time, depending on the size of your website.

  4. Download the Backup: Once the Backup is complete, you can download it to your local computer or save it to your preferred cloud storage.

  5. Test the Backup: It is essential to test the Backup to ensure that it has been created correctly and that you can restore your website. To do this, you can restore the Backup to a test site or local environment and ensure everything works perfectly.

  6. Schedule Regular Backups: You should schedule regular backups to ensure you have the most recent version of your website in case of a disaster. Most Backup plugins allow you to set up automatic backups weekly or monthly.

Following these steps, you can back up your WordPress site and protect it from unexpected data loss, hacking, or website crashes.

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