How to Generate Leads & Convert Visitors to Customers with Facebook in 5 Steps

To say that Facebook is the most important channel in Social Media would be an understatement. Facebook’s users occupy about 18% of the world population, which is estimated to be more than 1.37 billion users daily, and the number is growing by the hour! But the question is, how can you as a business owner benefit from this major channel and convert it to a marketing tool?

There is no wonder when we say that almost every accomplished business uses Facebook as an effective marketing method to boost advertising, increase customers, and grow the business in general. So when you start your digital marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself first, are you taking advantage of Facebook to the maximum?

To start your Facebook business plan, the inbound way, which means addressing your customers to help them and show interest and care to their issues rather than just selling them your products. You need to follow few stages to become a Facebook marketer. Let’s review 5 main steps here:

Create Your Facebook Page:

Among many categories and options you can choose from, think of the most suitable one that fits your business: Company, Brand, Organization or Institution; and how you want your audience to recognize your business. Also think carefully about your brand Name and add a proper Profile Photo that represents your message clearly. Always remember: your business page is the gate to your business without which crossing to your business would be impossible. By building a Facebook page you will be joining more than 80 million businesses which market via Facebook!

Get Likes on Your Page:

after establishing the first step, you need now to raise awareness about your business. There are two main ways to get Facebook Likes. 1- you can buy them. 2- promote your page on Facebook itself and on other mediums like websites. Buying Likes will surely show authenticity to your page, but it will not assure engagement by your fans. Work hard on this step by promoting your page on Facebook and through your website to make it easier for your audience to like your page. You may find this step overwhelming, so you can hire a specialized marketing firm for this mission. They can promote the page on other social media channels as well as email campaigns.  

Start Posting on Facebook:

engage your newly-acquired audience with posting content to help them understand more about your business. Your content can be images, links to your website & blog, videos, and Live videos. Each has its own impact on the audience and engage a certain type of customers. Try to always use diversity of posts to guarantee audience’s engagement and, later on, their action.

Generate Leads with Facebook:

Now that you gained views and likes, you need to convert leads who are your potential customers to real buyers with professional targeting strategy and the proper content. This step can be accomplished with landing pages for your offers, videos to attract, live videos to remind your audience, and creating events to engage them. With experience and time, you will be able to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Advertise on Facebook:

Organic is not enough, you need to reach as much potential customers as you can. However, this step can be a bit confusing, and it requires a digital marketer to build Ads campaign to target the right audience with the lowest cost. Don’t risk with your money and hire a professional!

Welcome to the Digital Business world, make sure to reserve your place among competitors and attract more audience and start your journey of success.