Inbound Marketing

It is designed to build a strong relationship with the target audience based on mutual trust between customers and the company. We often see some people go to buy expensive Mercedes products that are priced at more than double Fiat’s price.

That trust is the basis of Inbound marketing:

Inbound Marketing has four pillars to attract new customers and maintain existing customers:

1. Attraction :

At this stage , you will attract the target audience to something valuable that draws their attention. And, you will commensurate with their attitudes and interests.

The tools used at this stage:

– Blogging: You must produce educational content targeted to the optimal customer for you, as we do in the blog VADECOM and write many Educational blogs to our target audience.

SEO: it ranks your site in the early search results in Google.

2. Convert :

Here you start by showing your competitive advantages to your target audience so that ordinary visitors are turned into leads.

The tools used at this stage:

Landing page: The page that contains the magnet that attracts the visitor and often takes the form (Form + Download).
Contact forms: This is the place where the visitor fills his data, and their forms vary according to their purpose. If the purpose of filling them is to register in a course on the email, for example, it is not logical to ask for any data at this stage and vice versa.

3. Close:

At this point, the lead is converted to Customer.

The tools used at this stage:

Email marketing: the most prominent tools at this stage and here we talk about the client has become your friend for a while and e-mail is the appropriate tool to communicate with him.
Personalization: It is to speak to each client about his problem and to solve it.

4. Care Nurturing:

Here you are interested in caring of the customers who bought your product . Therefore, the goal at this stage is to convert them to Promoters and promote your products to their friends, relatives and acquaintances, and you should think well in:

How do you care about the client in a way that satisfies and strengthens your company?
The way you offer sales service?
How to make your customer different from other persons?

Finally, you have to ignore old marketing and begin implementing INBOUND MARKETING to satisfy customers and make profits and go to VADECOM to achieve what you do not expect.

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