Alamri Labs

Before the Development:

Alamri Company, a long-standing Saudi mining company, faced challenges in innovation and customer communication in the modern digital era. It had an outdated brand that didn't adequately represent its vision and market position, lacking a strong presence on social media. Additionally, it needed to enhance the security of its data and information.

Company Goals and Vision:

Alamri Company aimed for comprehensive digital transformation to enhance its communication and innovation in the mining market. Goals included rebranding to reflect expansion, strengthening social media presence. Among the challenges was the critical need to securely transfer data within the company for effective daily operations and collaboration.

Action Plan:

The company collaborated with Vadecom to develop a detailed improvement plan. It involved rebranding with a new identity reflecting growth, enhancing social media presence, and improving data security through secure data transfer.

The Result:

Following plan implementation, Alamri Company underwent a significant digital transformation, improving customer communication. It acquired a new identity reflecting its vision and expansion, with a redesigned website showcasing its growth. There was increased customer interaction on social media, and data security was enhanced through advanced technological solutions like Google Workspace. This included implementing a secure and flexible email system, improving data management, and achieving excellent results, making daily operations smoother and more efficient, thus successfully meeting the company's objectives.

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