Guide Egyptien

Tourism Companies  Website. Before the development of technology, tourism companies used to work offline, but with the development of the age of technology and remote control, it became much better than before, now most, or even almost all, tourism companies have a website on the Internet, no tour agency can have a single success without an online presence. One of our stories about Tourism Companies is Guideegyptien

Guideegyption is a tourism company that offers exciting travel programs to the french public. However, the company noticed a booking decline and could not recieve important business emails. Therefor, the company approached us for assistance to overcome these challenges and improve its businuss operations.

Goals: Our main goal was to assist Guideegyptien in increasing their bookings by improving their online presence and streamlining their booking process. Additionally, we aimed to resolve their email issues to ensure they could communicate effectively with their customers and partners. Strategy: We began by thoroughly assessing the company's existing website and booking system. We identified that the website needed to be updated and more user-friendly, which was deterring potential customers from making reservations. Additionally, we discovered that their email hosting could have been more reliable, resulting in missed business opportunities. To overcome these challenges, we developed a strategy that involved redesigning the website to make it more appealing and user-friendly. We also implemented a new booking system that was more streamlined and secure. Finally, we migrated the company's email hosting to a more reliable provider, ensuring they could communicate effectively with their customers and partners. Implementation: Our team worked closely with Guideegyptien to implement the new website design, booking system, and email hosting. We ensured the new website was visually appealing and easy to navigate and provided all the necessary information about the company's travel programs. In addition, the new booking system becomes implemented seamlessly, allowing customers to make reservations quickly and securely. Additionally, we migrated the company's email hosting to a reliable provider, resolving the email issues and causing them to miss meaningful business opportunities.