WhatsApp Launches Its New App for Businesses: “Whatsapp Business”

Nowadays, customers all over the world use their smartphones whether to order products or to contact customer services. They buy via websites or e-commerce stores, but things are about to change. It has been much easier to just open an app and complete a purchase rather than going to a shop by yourself or even opening a website. So, as a business owner, you must keep your marketing digital and trendy. The Whatsapp understood that and decided to act accordingly and launched “Whatsapp Business”.

Whatsapp is used by over 1.3 billion users worldwide, making it a mega App when it comes to chatting and communicating, and in the future, a business enhancer. With the start of 2018, Facebook, the owner of the Whatsapp application, launched a new app for all small businesses. Keeping businesses in mind, especially startups and small ones, Whatsapp officially launched a new separate App named “Whatsapp Business”.

The new App aims for small businesses -for now- such as online-based or retail businesses to ease their transactions and to communicate with clients in much simpler way. The App features updated tools for businesses similar to that of Facebook. The tools include: Business Profiles, Messaging Tools, Messaging Statistics, WhatsApp Web, and Account Type. It is also compatible with desktops and Android, and available for free, till now!

Whatsapp Business enhances the business experience in terms of replying to customers, making deals, establishing a company official presence, and separating business accounts from personal ones. It also establishes an official and real presence for companies in Whatsapp for all customers to communicate with and to null out all fraud pages. Much like Facebook where verified pages receive a blue checkmark, Whatsapp Business gives green checkmark to demonstrate the business’ authenticity.

This App is currently not available in Egypt or the Middle East or iOS users worldwide, but this is only the beginning. It is in the plan that it will spread worldwide and for all platforms and devices to benefit every business there is.

So if you are a business owner and want to know how Whatsapp Business works, let us show you here:

  • Business Profiles:

Similar to Facebook business accounts, companies start with establishing their profiles by filling in information. The App allows detailed information such as a business description, contact details like email, address, or phone, and website. After Whatsapp verifies your business with phone number, the profile will receive green checkmark as a sign of the business’ authenticity. Your customers will rest assured that they are dealing with the real account not just any random page with the same name.

  • Messaging Tools:

The App offers smart messaging tools such as quick replies, automated messages, greeting and away messages. These features help you save time, welcome your clients, and let them know when you are busy or away for the moment. Cool, right?

  • Messaging Statistics:

It gives you an insight on how your profile is doing. You can have a review of how many messages are sent, delivered, and read, much like the personal account. It helps you keep track of business transactions and statistics.

  • WhatsApp Web:

It means that the app is accessible from your desktop, not only your smartphone. If you are a business owner or a customer, this feature will come in handy one day.

  • Account Type:

Your business will get categorized as a business not a personal account. And businesses will be organized in a separated list.

Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business

The regular Whatsapp user will not do anything different. But businesses have to create their business profile in order to start communications with customers.

Recent statistics confirm that Whatsapp Business improves business communication and customer service tremendously, and enhances business growth as well. The App will later on include large businesses as well making it a phenomenon. When the new App finally arrives to your country, be the first the join in!

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