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Search engine optimization refers to the process by which the visibility of a website/webpage is affected in a web search engine’s natural results. This means that a site will get more visitors or customers only when that site appears earlier or more prominently in a search engine’s results. To optimize a website we have to take into account editing its content, HTML and associated coding which will in turn increase its relevance to specific keywords and remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines .

SEO factors

There are many factors on which SEO depends on; they are on-the-page SEO,off-the-page SEO and violations. On-the-page ranking factors are the factors that are within the publisher’s direct control like contents of the page HTML clues; that help the search engine to determine relevancy etc. But with time; search engines understood that only on-page ranking factors are not enough ; because of which  Off –the-page ranking factors were introduced and they are the factors that are not controlled directly by the publisher; but are very important to yield the best results. Also there are some sites that use tactics to deceive a search engine’s understanding of a site’s true relevancy. search engines deem these methods as ‘spam’ or ‘black hat’ and may result in ranking penalty or banning of the site.

The most important Factor for Search engine optimization:

On-the-page ranking factor for SEO success is the content that you showcase on your  site. If the content is right it sets the correct foundation for all other SEO efforts. The content in the site should be something beyond the normal information that people find on every other site, it should be something that binds them to the site for more time than usual. Not only should the content be effective , there should also be good keyword research. The site should research for the keywords that are actually used by people as their search terms so that the search engine ranks the site highly when such a keyword is used. After the keyword research the site should try to include these keywords for better results.  Apart from these factors fresh content is something that boosts your site’s rankings rapidly. Google coined a term ‘Query Deserved Freshness’ (QDF) which arises in the situation when there’s a search which suddenly becomes very popular  contrary to its normal activity and thus the site is given a boost in search results.

The second most important factor:

On-the-page ranking factor for SEO success is site architecture. When someone searches, the search engine flips or ‘crawls’ through the sites or pages ; whose copies are stored in a massive book of web known as ‘index’. So for a search engine to favor a site it must first crawl the site. Mostly the sites don’t have crawling issues ; but sometimes  Java script  or Flash can potentially hide links but it can be easily sorted. In the era in which mobile searches are more prominent than desktop searches. It is obvious that search engines will be more rewarding to sites that are mobile friendly. Apart from that if a site uses its app for indexing and linking it gets a better rank. Nowadays ; people want every thing as fast as possible; so it is obvious that speedy sites get better rank than the slower ones.

HTML  code help to gain effective results in Search engine optimization

Is the underlying code to create webpages. The most important HTML signals; that search engines use is the HTML title because that is what your site will be found for. The other elements are meta description tags which allows one to suggest how they’d like their pages to be described in search listings.

The quality of the links should be very good as they are given more weightage. Getting a lot of links can add up to your SEO success rate. Tactics such as viral link baiting campaigns, badges and widgets can be effective at securing large number of links.

Although SEO is a very prominent way to market your site it is not an appropriate strategy for every website and more internet marketing strategies like paid advertising can be more effective. But SEO may generate an adequate return on investment. But search engines are not paid for this natural search traffic so their algorithms can change which can cause heavy loss of traffic so a site that relies on search engine traffic may suffer major losses in this condition.  SEO is great method for return on investment but long term involvement with it can cause huge loss in the future so apart from SEO some other techniques must also be used to boost the marketing of the site.

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