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In Marketing, Which Is Better for Your Business, Instagram or Facebook?

Among several Social Media channels, the selection of the perfect fit for your business marketing and advertising is confusing choice. Hence, a major question appears in the horizon, which is better, Instagram or Facebook? Every platform has its own devoted followers, and possesses special features that can be of great importance to your business. So, choosing only one is something you should give a lot of thinking and analyzing.


Before determining which is better, Instagram or Facebook, for your business, let’s first draw a comparison between the two. We point out the benefits of each, and then the decision of choosing the perfect platform will be more clearer.


Here are some Instagram marketing benefits:

  • About 700 million people have Instagram account around the globe, which means a wide reach to you.
  • More than 400 million of them check in daily. They are actively posting photos and videos and following their favorite brands.
  • Instagram has gone Live since 2010, which offers the option of live streaming for all your followers to keep up-to-date with your business.
  • Instagram is characterized by its massive global reach due to the huge numbers of users all over the world.
  • It has the highest engaged audience compared to all other Social Media channels including Facebook.
  • According to recent study, Instagram brings visitors to websites more than any other channel which increase the chances of website traffic.
  • It has a unique appeal to younger audiences that you can target in your campaign.



Now, it’s time for Instagram’s oldest rival: Facebook. Here are some interesting facts about Facebook used in marketing and advertising:

  • According to a 2014 study, Ads features on Facebook perform much better than regular web ads and any other platforms, which definitely boost your advertising campaign.
  • Facebook has relatively larger users-base than Instagram, although not the most engaging, but it possesses the broadest reach covering all ages and both genders.
  • The biggest thing about Facebook is its freedom of information where you can post any kind of content you wish unlike Instagram when only photos and videos are allowed. This gives you a marketing edge, namely diversity.


At the end, knowing which platform is perfect for your marketing strategy depends on your business goals and how your campaign should go. Some businesses might benefit more from Facebook while others will thrive from Instagram depending on their final targets. Which one do think is better for your business marketing campaign?

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