Where should you use your Logo?

Once you design your logo to best represent your company, you have to start using it strategically so it can have the most impact.

When your logo is out in public, you are telling the world you are ready for business. Soon, it starts becoming a brand people recognize. Making it stand out among all of the established logos and advertising is not easy.

But it’s very doable, with the right approach.

For small businesses with limited budgets, the task becomes even more difficult. So placing your logo in places where your potential customers will find it is key. With enough exposure, they will become familiar with it, and anytime they see it, will think of your business.

Check The Below 10 Spots of Vadecom Recommends :-

1.Website and Blog

you should showcase your logo on your website or blog at the top of the page, items , titles and taglines , preferably displayed horizontally.

2.Social Media Profiles

If you are active on social media, make sure your logo is part of the content you post.

3.Business Cards

Don’t forget adding your logo to the front alongside your contact information.

4.Signs and Banners

Make sure customers recognize your brand from afar by feature your logo prominently on all branded signs and banners.

5.Invoices and Forms

Make sure that placing your logo on the invoices or forms to be filled makes it Stuck in the mind

6.Business Vehicles

make your vehicle a moving billboard for your brand.

7.Promotional Prints

Look for new ways to boost your logo by printing it on your promotional prints like pens, Pags , Agendas , and calendars.

8.Company Apparel/Uniform

Create a consistent look across your team with branded uniforms by printing your custom logo on T-shirts,caps , vests and ID holders

9.Letters And Emails

Always use custom stationery with your custom Logo , and don’t forget to include it in your Email signature.

10.Products And Packaging

Display your logo where it’s sure to be seen , Try adding it to custom-printed tissue paper , stickers , boxes and your products packagings.

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