Does Your Website Need Security with SSL Certificate and SiteLock Seal?

Security with SSL Certificate Vs. SiteLock Seal

In these times when every piece of information is subjected to be stolen, compromised or tampered with, web users strive for maximum security and safety. You can’t expect your website’s users to submit confidential information about themselves if you don’t offer them the maximum protection they deserve. Even just visiting and surfing your website without assuring security first is no longer a valid option.


When we talk about the web experience safety and security, the world is going through a frenzy. Web security is something not to be taken lightly from both users and website owners. And as the whole world strive for more security, new updates and developments are emerging by the minute. There is no denying that both SSL Certificate and SiteLock Seal took the world by storm. They are vital parts of any web experience, and only one of them can’t make up for the other. So, before we establish which one does your business website need the most, we need to understand the difference between them first.


SSL Certificate

First, the term “SSL” stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” which mainly refers to the encryption between users and the website itself. It means that no third-party can view or interfere in the transactions between the first two parties. SSL Certificate is normally installed on web server to pages that require internet users to share sensitive info. Such as credit card details, passwords, or personal information. This is indispensable in websites that offer online payment methods or websites that have login pages.


Why Do You Need SSL Certificate?

SSL protocol prohibits any outsider, cybercriminals, hacker from ever having an access to the information submitted by the users on the website. Also, it encourages them to share sensitive data such as credit card information, phone numbers, addresses, or social security number. The SSL Certificate encrypt all the communications between end-users and the website making the web experience secured, safe, and private for your clients. It makes your site earn the trust of your customers and makes your business trustworthy. Now customers will have no fear to revisit your site or make transactions with it.


It is highly recommended that you install the SSL certificate on the web server to label your site secured with “https://” protocol. Also the padlock icon on address bar makes customers instantly feel safe with you. Google now will recognize an mark you as a safe website for all users to deal with it. Even gives it the priority to be ranked higher in the search results. And last but not least, it improves conversions rate.


SiteLock Security

As for SiteLock, it is a tool that works as the safeguard for web servers and sites. Among several roles, its main goal is to search for any viruses, hacks, spams or any breaches and scan it. SiteLock either makes this scanning regularly and even fixes any malware, or at the very least notify you to take caution steps. For shared hosting, managed, and fully managed servers, SiteLock is the perfect security solution.


Why Do You Need SiteLock Seal?

Alongside with building confidence between your clients and your website, SiteLock daily scans and automatically removes many malware. It also provides Web Application Firewall (WAF) and removes your website from blacklists. Now, when it comes to appearance, SiteLock label your website with “Green Check Marks” next to results from Google search. It notifies your customers that the website is fully secures, and it also indicates that this website is fast!


SSL Vs. Sitelock Security
SSL Vs. Sitelock

Join millions of websites that have installed SSL Certificate and SiteLock on their websites  and make your business look both professional and safe.

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