Should Or Shouldn’t You Offer Fixed Web Design Packages?

For marketing agencies, having a talented team of experienced web designers is sometimes not enough. Talent, knowledge, and experience calculate the great part of web designing; however, the biggest part is yet to come. Marketing the service itself by offering Web Design Packages is basically what makes or breaks the whole deal.

When it comes to marketing web design services, offering packages, whether fixed or flexible, is the easiest solution. That being said, not all packages can be the perfect practice for your agency. Offering your service needs a thorough plan of how can you drive new customers to your business, and what can you offer them while other competitors can’t.

If you think that your marketing agency should set fixed web design packages since it is a guaranteed win, you should think again! Just as it has its advantages, it may has some disadvantages that you should take into consideration.

Reasons You Should Offer Fixed Web Design Packages:

1- Fixed Means Stability:

Some companies and business owners will find it comforting and reassuring that your agency offers fixed packages that include all their requirements to start a professional website. It tells them exactly what will they receive, and for how much. If your customers are clear on their goals, getting a fixed package for their business will be the perfect fit for them. This will make your customers stop hesitation since they know the package will cover their needs, and not worrying about paying extra fees.

2- Attract Serious Customers:

Customers or companies with defined goals or needs and are with clear vision will highly appreciate the fixed package. The fixed package will tell them their options making it all-inclusive and fully-controlled. This will also help you avoid unserious clients who will just contact you to ask but will never close the deal.

3-Less Time, More Results:

Fixed package will help you avoid doubts for clients who will always question how much the service cost. The fixed package will list the features of the web design service and how much each one cost. For example, a simple website will feature layout web design, website pages, CMS System, hosting plan, mail accounts, and so on.

Reasons You Should Not offer Fixed Web Design Packages:

1- Custom-Designed Requirements:

Special projects require special measures, and some clients will need more than just what the package offers. Since fixed solutions can’t be the way to go here, a custom-made website design is inevitable. You should listen carefully to the client’s aspirations for their website and work hard on achieving them.

2-Give Exactly What Your Customers Pay For:

This is perfect for customers who are always on doubt. Premade plan can leave them questioning, therefore, your company should offer each feature with its own price and come up with a custom-made web design for them.

3-Be Ready For Surprises;

Some projects might seem easy before starting working on them, and later on you discover how ramified they are. So, having a fixed package might be unfair for you. Also if customers are not clear yet on their goals and aspirations for a website design or have a lot of adjustments. It is also bad idea to offer fixed package for them.


Offering fixed packages has its ups and downs, so why not offer both? Offering fixed and flexible website design packages will make your service versatile and cover a wide patch of customers with different needs and goals. So, your marketing agency should at least offer more flexible or custom-designed website along with its fixed plans. Here at VadeCom, we master web designs offering a huge variety of pricing and premade packages according to our clients’ type of business with the option of building a custom-designed website according to customers’ preferences.

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