Google fights boring! “Try the new Gmail”

Google fights boring!

Under the title of “Try the new Gmail”, Google turns Gmail from just a tool to a smart mail! It did that through eight new features to make you more comfortable with your mail working:

1- Integration with Google apps, calendar, keep, and tasks:

Through this option, you can link your emails with any Google app, through a small window in your Gmail, you’ll find all Google apps there instead of opening many taps or windows and disturb your focus, and they’re all in one app.

2- Snooze:

Yup, It seems like the 7 AM alarm snooze, This option allows you to set a date when it could remind you of a specific mail, until that, This specific mail will be removed from your inbox.

3- Nudging:

This option observes the unresponded messages and makes a reminder besides the message “Received 3 days ago, Reply?” Although this option might be annoying, Google solves this issue with another option we’ll discuss in the end.

4- Attachment Display:

You don’t have to open every single mail to search for the attachment, with this option; you’ll find any file or attachment appearing as clickable rounded icons under the mail subject.

5- Smart Replies:

This option scans emails and recommends specific responses that fit the message, like; Okay. I’ll do that Or Received, Thank you.

6- Confidential Mode:

For secured information messages, it sets an expiration date for the message, and then the receiver knows about the date, after expiring, the message is not able to be copied, forwarded, or even read!

7- Priority Notifications:

For Gmail smartphones, you can set your preferences about your emails, to prioritize the importance of emails, and then you will be notified only in case of the mail is important.

8- Unsubscribe Suggestions:

Remember the Nudging problem?
Here’s the solution to this annoying options, It observes mails that you do not open usually and suggests you unsubscribe from this website/magazine/blog list.

So, Google created a more comfortable and smart tool, it’ll make its users happier with this simplicity tools and features in Gmail

Now, you can turn these options on, go to your Gmail inbox, and from the Setting icon select “Try the new Gmail”, you could back to your classic mail any time!
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