Is There A Real Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

E-marketing students or individuals interested in digital marketing have surely heard of these terms: Copywriting and Content Writing. However, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the meaning of each term. Whether you are familiar with digital marketing or you are a beginner, knowing the meaning of these concepts is crucial. Since each has its own branches and importance in digital marketing, and each has its own specialists.

Although there are many similarities between the two terms, there are also many differences. Think of them as two sides of the same coin, that are surely different but complete each other. Through clear understanding of Copywriting and Content Writing, you can learn about their importance in marketing. Also know the impact of each on your marketing plan and goals. Here, we will briefly present a definition of each term, illustrating its uses and its impact in digital marketing.


  • Copywriting

Marketers usually refer to copywriting when speaking about writing Ads and advertising material for marketing campaigns for businesses. Specifically speaking, it refers to short to medium content. For example, ads or posts on social media or catch  phrases and tag lines on a banner for advertising campaigns. Experienced copywriter’s main task is to push the public and potential customers to take an action. Such as a product purchase, subscription, or requesting a service. The task might seem straightforward, but it requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the market and its developments.

Attractive, interactive, and innovative copy targets the perfect audience of the advertising campaigns according to the company’s marketing strategy. So, the next time you receive an email introducing a product or service, or you see a Facebook or Twitter post announcing offers and discounts, you’ll know there is a copywriter behind it. The more you are persuaded to buy the product, the more talent the copywriter have.


  • Content Writing

Content Writing or Creation generally means writing and creating content, written or visual, for marketing and advertising, whether online or offline. All what you see on the Internet or social media platforms or publications is written by a content writer. his roles include writing blogs, articles, video scripts, emails, newsletters, and many more. The Content Creator task is more comprehensive than that of the copywriter’s. It also includes figuring out creative ideas, not just writing it down. Bottom-line, content writing is writing any long material that includes information, details and commentary to give more help to customers, not just for advertising purposes.

How Can You Employ Both Copywriting And Content Writing In Your Marketing Plan?

We mentioned previously that the roles of Copywriting And Content Writing are complementary, in the sense that they are two parts of the same team with the same objectives. For example, if you own a cosmetic company, from where do you start your marketing and advertising campaign? Among many options, you can start a direct Ads campaign on your website with a link to the landing page containing all the product details and information about it and its benefits. Or you can start a paid Ads campaign on Google AdWords or Facebook. The Copywriter is responsible of both steps, but the person who writes the Landing Page and supports it with a blog about the importance of the product, its benefits, and tips is the Content Creator. This is the integrated marketing plan in which the two types of content are merged to achieve marketing goals.


Both concepts are essential in your digital marketing plan, and you can’t overestimate one of them in dispense of the other. In short, Copywriting is a fast, creative, and compelling Ads. While Content Writing aims to strengthen the brand image, attract customers’ confidence, increase credibility, and build a future audience base. At VadeCom, we provide full management of your content in various formats to facilitate your marketing process and increase your profits. Now tell us which of the two terms you think is more important in marketing strategies? Copywriting or content writing?

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