How to choose a restaurant name ?

You should choose your restaurant name depends on this advice.

1- Think carefully about what your restaurant offer?

You can choose a name describes of what your restaurant offer from food like pizza hut, burger king.

2- Think of the restaurant’s geographic :

Restaurant’s locations is a pressure to restaurants’ names , so you can inspire a name for your restaurant from its location or street and you can inspire a name from other competitors for your restaurant. Be caring for your decoration and colors even the other restaurants logos in your region it will give you information more than you imagine !

3- Think carefully about your target audience :

If you plan to target persons from specific regions, you should think in a name suitable for them.

4- Be careful with those ideas :

  • Stay away from difficult and complex names:

In order for customers to remember the name of the restaurant easily, you should think carefully about a simple and easy name.

  • evoke emotion: The restaurant can be named as begging emotion either in the name gives nostalgia for the pastor love for something.

5- Names to stay away from:

  • Firstly ,Stay away from restaurant names that are difficult to pronounce and spell.
  • Secondly, stay away from the strange names on the target audience and can not remember easily.

6- Create a restaurant name that has to do with the restaurant logo:

It is not correct that a restaurant name be chosen away from its logo or not.

7- Create a list of contacts:

After you finish thinking, write all the names of the restaurants that you thought of in a list. Then start by selecting them well to match what the restaurant offers and is compatible with the target audience . Moreover its geographical location and all the factors mentioned above.

Think carefully about the name of your restaurant because it is the first impression of your customers and go to a highly experienced e-marketing company such as VADECOM to choose the right name for your restaurant and to design a distinctive logo to complement the name of the restaurant and stick to the minds of customers.

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