Arabic SEO and Localization

Arabic SEO and Localization

Reach one of the fastest growing market on the Web!

From Cairo to Dubai … from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.. from Tunisia to Lebanon, let us promote your website on Arabic Search Engines without having to translate it fully in Arabic!


Since Google launched its new Arabic-friendly algorithm, more of the population is searching in Arabic. In 2011, Arabic has become the preferred search language for many Arab countries like Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others.

What does this mean for SEO in Arabic countries? If people are searching in Arabic, then ranking is based on Arabic keywords. Arabic content and meta-data is increasingly essential when tapping into this market.

Our Vadecom Arabic SEO

Our Vadecom SEO experts do not necessarily translate your website in order to submit it on Arabic search engines. We only require you to have is at least 1 page in Arabic optimized with your Arabic keywords and meta tags in order to be allowed to submit your site on Arabic search engines.

Doing business on the Arabic web is not about interacting with Arabic-speaking natives in their language but rather bringing them to your website to do business with you in English!

Contract our Vadecom Arabic experts to create an entry page in Arabic for your website optimized with your Arabic keywords/meta tags. It will have a similar look and feel as your current home page. It will be considered as your "Arabic entry page".

Such page will feature approximately a 10 to 15 line paragraph in Arabic introducing your website. At the end of your "Arabic entry page" we will tell Arabic users that by entering your website they should expect a content in English and that all correspondences should be established in English as well.

Arabic Key Words

To select correct keywords for your Arabic website content and Meta tags, you need new "organic" research on selected keywords. You cannot afford to simply depend on translated keywords: you are often required to create original Arabic keywords related to your product or services.

Based on Google provided tools to search Arabic keywords, our Vadecom SEO experts will find related keywords and the most popular keywords used on Google's search engine. But that alone is not enough; additional assistance is required to successfully reach customers in Arabic countries.

Why do Arabic SEO?

Arabic Internet e-commerce and on-line media is a significant, expanding market segment with great potential for localized, Arabic search engine optimization (SEO) and Arabic search engine marketing (SEM). The majority of websites aimed at Arabic markets are still in English, many Arabic consumers don't speak English. Likewise, in many Arab countries in the Arab world like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, English is not as commonly used as French. This further underscores the need to have the Arabic language as a primary choice for this region.

Google has announced significant improvements in the way users search in Arabic on Google search. Google has also provided a new tool for Google Arabic Transliteration. Other Search Engines, like Bing and Yahoo, are also providing many enhancements for Arabic search. All of these initiatives will help raise the bar in terms of Arabic SEO quality and effectiveness. This means that you have less competition and an opportunity to dominate your sector if you localize your web content into Arabic with optimized Arabic SEO. If you follow the right SEO strategy when localizing your website, you will achieve the highest ranking with Arabic search engines.



Growing E-Commerce in Arabic Countries

The Arabic Internet market is much larger than many people outside of this region realize; it is experiencing rapid growth.Recent research indicates that there are currently 56 million Arabic-speaking Internet users and this number will increase to 82 million by 2013. That will be a 46.4 percent increase in just over two years!

Although English is widely spoken in the business world throughout the Middle East, many companies outside of the region still have the misconception that they can continue to keep their web content in English-only because it is "the international language of business".

Most global companies have launched products and businesses in the Arabic region via English-only websites with the assumption that Arabic-speaking customers can simply search and find services using English keywords.

Arabic SEO Strongly preferred by Consumers in Arab Countries 

Research has progressively revealed that in most cases Arabic Internet users prefer to search using Arabic keywords to find more specific and accurate results. This is especially true when the search is related to regional topics, cultural-related words, local news or events, and regional products or services. Consumers in Arabic-speaking markets prefer to select Arabic keywords as their first option.

Naturally, this requires companies to localize all content on their website in Arabic, and have a culturally appropriate user interface.

Arabic Website Localization 

Your first step is selecting the right translation agency as a partner to properly structure your website and provide suitable Arabic website localization, as well as create effective SEO optimized for this language and market. Your localization partner will need experience in the Arabic region and Arabic language for several reasons:

There are six major Arabic dialect groups.

Arabic SEO is unique and will require different keyword and tag strategies for various markets, like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, etc.

Some graphics or images may carry negative cultural connotations that are not obvious to consumers outside of the region; your localization agency partner must be well versed in all of these issues.

Vadecom is a  localization company that fully understands these issues and has appropriate depth of experience with regional Arabic markets will provide the most accurate content and optimal presentation for your Arabic website, empowering you to reach the right target users in Arabic countries.

Arabic Website SEO 


Arabic search engine algorithms and position techniques are quite different from their English counterparts. It is critical for web developers and localization engineers on your project to have a full grasp of all issues specific to the Arabic language in order to obtain optimum Arabic search results. Appropriate experience with these project requirements can "make or break" your success with Arabic speaking consumers.



Choosing Vadecom as the right SEO and Localization Company will ensure you that you will have accurate content suitable for the local target culture and avoid any unsuitable website content that may be forbidden by religious or cultural customs. 


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