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  • We have professional management of your advertising campaign on Facebook through a professional expert team on Facebook marketing to reach your target audience. We offer great ideas for managing your ads, achieving the best results with minimal costs, getting more sales and increasing your revenue.
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Facebook ads what give to your business?!

Facebook ads are suitable for all activities and services

Your ads appear to your target audience based on your advertising goals, and here's where our experts are working to improve campaign quality and professional targeting to get the best revenue from your advertising campaign with minimal costs.

Flexible prices to fit any budget

Depending on your budget, you determine your ad campaign and simply get results within budget and naturally the more budget the higher the results.

Allows reaching your specific goals

When you set your goals and choose your right target audience, your ad appears only to those interested in the service or product so you will achieve your goals, whether if it increasing your brand awareness or your sales and profits.

Why choose vadecom to get your Facebook ads?!

Specialize in managing Facebook pages

We study the business activity of the company and its service and identify the target segment that is interested in this service or product and thus gets the highest sales at the lowest cost.

Put a complete ad plan

We add attractive ads content that matches the culture and age of the target audience and design ad images professionally to deliver the complete idea to the client.


Track your own campaign results

We run continuous advertising throughout the week, provide weekly reports on ad campaign and send it to you.

Our Facebook marketing plan targets the best customer segment that suits you according to your business activity, connects you with more of your audience, increases your profits, and achieves your business goals. Start Facebook ads now.