How Marketing plan success through Social Media

Social media have become a great importance to companies in our time. It contains many categories of people with different ages, cultural and social levels as well. Also it is important to target accurately and to create target audience for its products and services.

The importance of planning through social media .

In order to be able to succeed effectively on social media , you must plan carefully what you want to achieve . Without determining a plan and a goal in front of your eyes you will not be able to achieve a satisfactory results.

Planning is a very valuable process that can not be dispensed with.

To succeed, social media should include answers to these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the company’s presence on social media?
  • What is the target audience and what are its needs?
  • Which type of content do the company plan to publish and how will it improve customer life?
  • How do competitors meet the customers needs on social media?

Here’s the explanation for understanding what’s behind these questions.

1. What is the purpose of the company’s presence on social media?

Firstly, the company must determine well what goal it want to achieve from social media. And there is an example of the objectives that can be achieved through these sites:

  • Brand building  :
    Brand is intended to create a company that adds value to the customer’s life.Not only a company that sells products and services to it.
  •  communicating effectively with the target audience:
    One of the advantages of Social Media is the speed of communicating with customers. In addition to , solving their problems .
  • The usefulness of Social media in advertising:
    These sites allow to target specifically by identifying many factors such as age, location, cultural, social etc.
2. What is the target audience and what are its needs?

Secondly, as we know that Social media contains many categories of people. So, the company must determine well what target audience it will target?

The reason for targeting a target audience is that a company can not target all people because each category of people has needs that suit it .

The target audience is defined in three steps:

1. Segmentation :

The market is divided into a number of segments based on:

  • Geographical location
  • Demographics
  • Personal Status
  • behavior

2. Targeting :

Here is the selection of the appropriate segment or segments .

3 – Put yourself in the customer’s mind (Positioning):

Shortly, It is to think carefully about what you want to make customer remind your company with.

Such as Volvo Cars, and its position is safety 

 3. Which kind of content are you planning to publish?

There are many types of Content marketing such as:


It is divided into two types.

  • Soft article: it is small article
  • Heavy article:it is article that contain long topics that need to be explained more .

 video :
It is the most powerful type of content marketing because you can explain a lot of information and in an easy way to the viewer.

These are the Designs that contain images, quotes and Comics.

Info graphics:
It is a design in which information is presented visually. 

To learn more about the types of content marketing , read this article.

 4. How do competitors meet customer’s needs on social media?

Finally, here is the company have to study the competitors on social media , know their strengths and weaknesses , know how competitors solve their problems and the quality of content marketing they publish and guess the goals they want to achieve.

To sum up ,you should answer these four questions carefully to ensure that you have a good plan.  And go to an e-marketing company specialized in the field such as VADECOM to ensure that you achieve the right plan on social media and achieve its benefits.


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