Main Types of Marketing Content and Where to Use Them


For any business owner or company that works through the internet and complete all the transactions online, marketing content is the most important tool. It expresses the objectives and the vision, it also reflects the development of businesses and the differences and marketing edge among the competitors in the same field. Your marketing content either shows your business’ real or true value in the market to the internet users, or it will tear down your brand image. It all depends on how you create your marketing content, how you integrated it cleverly into your marketing plan, and how you follow up and develop it. 

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Speaking about content in general and marketing content specifically is a huge topic that needs volumes and volumes of articles. Just to keep it simple, we will discuss a small fraction of it; which is “Mix Content”.

To say that content mix is crucial to your marketing strategy is an understatement. It is only obvious that the progress of content creating should be versatile and innovative. You can’t expect your marketing strategy to be successful if you stick to only one form of content. Currently, there are more than 20 types of content that you can choose from, which gives you limitless options of presenting your brand in several ways. So why don’t you explore more potentials in the horizon? All you need to do is figuring out which content type that suits your marketing goals, and on which platform it should be used. Just keep it in your planning that not all content types can be perfect for all marketing channels. 

So, let’s list some types of content and where you should use them to gain the maximum spread and exposure of your brand:


One of the most influential and important content types in marketing. Surely it is uncommon now as it was in the early 2000s for example; however, it still possesses a great role in marketing strategy, and still has its loyal followers who just like to read and know more. Articles are roughly divided into two types: soft and heavy. 

Soft Articles are usually written in 3 to 4 paragraphs in length. In soft articles you can introduce simple and easy description of specific topic. It is perfect for products’ description and specifications. The most suitable channel for it would be Facebook. The second type, Heavy Articles, exceeds to 10 paragraphs or more where you can add detailed  information about particular subject and go in depth to elaborate more aspects. This type is used mainly in website blogs, where you provide your readers with details in an attempt to give them any help they need, without the intention to sell them any products or services.


Video content is considered by many the most successful type of content recently. It gained its reputation since it delivers the idea and the message clearly and quickly to the customers. It also gives the impression that you fully understand your field and has a thought leadership in the market. It is divided into two types: Educational and Viral.

First, Educational Video is made with the intention to educate the audience about a certain aspect in the industry, hence the name. It can be of something like 5 to 10 minutes length, according to the topic itself. In the video you introduce a new value to the audience with one aim, which is their benefit. Second, Viral Video is characterized by its quick and wide spread as soon as it starts online. Typically, it doesn’t exceed one minute to suit all audiences who don’t have leisure time. 


Our third type of content is infographics, whereas the name suggest, you provide information supported with graphics, designs, or animation. It is accompanied by statistics and figures to make it easier for your audience to grasp big numbers and complicated information. The infographics can come in the shape of a video or a design. The proper channel for infographic content is Pinterest as it receives great reactions. 

Visual Content:

Your visual content addresses the eyes of the audience and it can come in the shape of designs or comics. The special feature about it is that it attracts audiences easily and delivers any message clearly and simply. You can add great value to your visual content through written simple sentence to further explain it. It can be one or two sentences or just enough to make the content great and easy-to-understand. This type of content is used on social media such as Facebook or Instagram platforms. 

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Lastly, you should utilize different forms of content in your business marketing strategy. And you shouldn’t also underestimate the impact of content mix where you can attract different sectors of audiences and convert them into loyal customers. It covers a wide range of potential customers of all ages and both genders. Each content type is appropriate for a particular channel and adds to its value. So, it is crucial to plan ahead and customize each content type to it matching platform and mix between several types to get the best possible results out of them.

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