Facebook Pixel

Pixel is a code that is placed inside any website you own on the Internet. This allows you to track the visitors of the website who visited the site in whole or in some pages and re-target them on Facebook with suitable Content Marketing and interests.

Imagine that you have three stages on the website that the visitor passes through to buy the product. The three stages are:

1-Visit the product page.

2- Registration on site.

3- Thank you page after purchasing the product.

Facebook Pixel lets you know:

  • How many people visited the site and the product page but did not record its data?
  • Number of people visited the site and recorded their data but did not buy?
  • How many people visited the site and recorded their data and bought the product?

After knowing these results, you can re-target them with Content Marketing that suits them on Facebook.

How to set up Facebook Pixel:

1. Create Your Facebook Pixel:

Go to Facebook business and click on the sign (=) and then click on Pixels.

– Click Create a pixel.

– Name the Pixel.

2. Add the pixel to your website:

There are three ways to install the Pixel on the website and here we will consider the manual method “Copy Paste”:

– Click on the second method which is the manual method:

– Copy and paste the code into the header tag in the site and place it after <head> tag and before </ head> tag.

3. Make sure the Pixel works successfully.

– To make sure it works successfully download the Pixel plugin for Google Chrome from here.

If it is downloaded correctly, the </> icon will turn blue as shown in the picture, the number of installed Pixel units will appear, and you will also know if the pixel is working correctly.

In the end, we should say that there are many tools and methods in e-marketing and we have a thorough understanding of these tools and how to use them to achieve marketing goals successfully.

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