Facebook Custom audience

Facebook ads allow you to use the Custom Audience feature, which is to create very specific groups of people who already have a relationship with your business activity such as previous customers, people who visited your website or interacted with your Facebook page.

Custom Audience types:-

There are several types of Custom Audiences, including:

1. Create a custom audience from your customer list.

You can create a list of data for customers and people interested in your company such as name, phone number and e-mail.

2. Create a visitor custom audience of the company’s website.

You can re-target the site visitors through the so-called Facebook pixel,

And create a group of people who visited all pages of the site or visited some pages of it, specifying the duration of visits.

For example, select the Custom Audiences who visited the company’s website and did not buy in the last four weeks.

3. Create custom audiences from your company’s phone application.

If your company has an app on mobile phones, you can create a custom audience from the people who interacted with the app, for example, you can target those people who have installed the app but have not used it yet.

4. Create custom audiences from people who interacted with the Facebook page.

Multiple types of custom audiences can be created from their interactions on the page

You can:

  • Target people who watched your video on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Targeting the leads.
  •  Create a list of people who interacted with the Event.

All Custom Audiences are created by opening the Facebook ads page and clicking Create custom audience.

Custom Audiences is one of the important features Facebook offers. It can create many lists of people based on their relationship with the company and target them with Content Marketing that suits them and enhance their loyalty to the company.

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