Evergreen Content

Evergreen is the content that does not die over time and makes the target audience consume it again in order to benefit it in business. It continues to market the business activity for months and years without interruption.

As we have learned, Evergreen Content help achieve the goal of attracting new potential customers.

Evergreen Content Benefits:

There are many companies competing in every business and Evergreen Content distinguish the company amid this huge competition and adds the authority advantage to this company .

Examples of content types that do not die over time:

1- Frequently Asked Questions:

It is one of the most important types of content that benefit the user and inform him about the product and the company, especially if there are several inquiries about the product.

2- Books:

It is a type of content that takes considerable time and effort to implement it. 

it has huge results and many benefits to the company, such as the authority.

3. How to article :

These are the articles that provide an explanation of the problem faced by the user, imagine a user looking for a solution to a problem on the Internet . And between a lot of the sites you provided a solution to solve this problem then he will begin to come many times to your site. After that, begin to love your company and then we find him became an agent and begins to market to your company By mouth and filtered to his friends and neighbors. 

and this article is an example of how to articles. 

4. Content containing explanation with steps:

Therefore , this content remains alive for long periods and needs to be updated in accordance with the changes in science. Who needs to take many steps in this year’s currency becomes fewer steps next year.

and this article 7 steps to start your own textile business is the example of steps content

5.Case study:

Which is to come in the case to study and analysis Insights of other company . Consequently, it adds a value to the target audience and study the situation of the largest types of Content marketing in the booming B2B world.

6. Infographic:

These are images in which information is visualized and you will find many examples of it in Pinterest.

7- The Curated post:

It compiles pieces of old content created and written and writes a new piece of content that adds new value to the user.

To sum up, to satisfy the target audience and gain more, you should learn more and you will find many educational articles in the marketing field. 

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