Content Marketing definition and types

Content marketing is the way we use to gain the trust of the target audience by solving their problems and providing them with the scientific methods and advice that will help them in their lives and prove that you are a thought leader. It means that the target audience understands that your company is the strongest company in its field. 

There are many types of content marketing :

1. Article:

The article is like Facebook post or Blog .. There are two types of articles:

– Soft article:
It is simple and contains : ( simple, uncomplicated topics ).
– Heavy article:
it is longer and contain the most difficult subjects that need a relatively long explanation.

2. Video:

It is the most powerful type of Content Marketing because you can explain a lot of information and in an easy image to the viewer. The goal of this type of content is thought leadership. The most important types of video:

– Educational video:
The goal is to learn and add value to the target audience in your business, This video contains information that is longer and deeper than articles. The appropriate duration is within 5 minutes so that the viewer will not be bored.

– Viral video:
It is a video that spreads in a big way, and it depends on creativity to create video content that spreads and circulates among people. Its duration is short as a minute. You should take good care of it in the first 10 seconds of it because it is the introduction that attracts the viewer to complete it.

3. Infographics:

They are images in which information is presented in a visual way. It offers a great value for the reader. and its disadvantage that it needs a great effort from the designer and does not get the admiration of all groups of people and to make sure if it fits your target audience or not you can test it .

4. Visuals:

It is the designs that contain tips, quotations and Comics.
It is characteristic that it is easily executed by the designer and easy to be consumed by people.

5. eBook:

It is a small book written to add value to the target audience so that it contains deeper information from articles, and is one of the most powerful types of content that helps you to be a thought leader. 

6. Podcast:

It is an audio content that explains a particular subject and it is easy to consume from the target audience where it can be consumed while driving or doing any other work.

7. The Webinar:

It is a live video that happens between the brand and the target audience to provide important information to them and discuss them in their questions and inquiries.

8. Case studies:

It is to tell your project stories of customers who consumed your products that you liked and helped them to achieve what they want.

Best marketing content for different Channels:

1 – Pinterest: The content that suits it is the Infographics.
2. Blog: The most appropriate type is the heavy article.
3. FB: Types that fit it is the soft article and the visuals.
4. YouTube: It fits the video.
5- LinkedIn: It is suitable for the heavy article for B2B.

There are many types of Content Marketing and to ensure the perfect work  for each type that fits your target audience you have to go to the right e-marketing company such as VADECOM .

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