Why Your Business Needs a Website, Not Just a Facebook Business Page!

Building trust by having a professional business website during challenging times is key to your recovery

When you open a new branch for your business, it means that your brand awareness is increasing, especially around the area of your new branch.
Let us imagine that you opened a branch for your business in every inch all over the world.
Of course, you are going to reach more consumers and meet more potential customers.
Yet, it is costly to do so, isn’t it?
No, it isn’t. Now you have the online world within your fingertips, and it overgrows fantastically, so you have to cope with it by building your website.

Now the question is can I cope with it by having a Facebook business page?

Facebook and social media, in general, is a third party between you and your customer.
Although, it can’t reflect your business image, and it can’t make your customers perceive your brand as you want them to. 

Having a customized  business website

will increase the engagement directly with your business, and helping consumers know more about your business. Moreover, perceive your brand in the right way.

Facebook is always blue; it’s icon is the same on every page and business because of its brand identity. No doubt, that the Facebook (Meta) company has its own success story, and adding your business to it is a must. However, at the same time, you have to build your own business identity by building your own website.

Rely on one platform is absolutely wrong:

Social media platforms can’t be your only source of gaining clients, you need to show off your brand on different platforms, but without a website, you are stuck in the social media platforms only. You won’t be able to appear in Google search results.

Cons of social media platforms:

Sharing a lot of information on social media can be boring but when you direct your interested audience to your blog or your website to know more about your business it will be more professional

Clients trust issue:

Your customers may not trust you on social media only if you ask them to leave any of their information like email, mobile number …. Etc, but when you have a website with more information about your products or services, by this you increase the trust with your customers  

Make it professional:

The goal of your website is to provide your customers with all the answers they need to ask before asking it. 

Provide your customers with FAQs that answer all they are wondering about, improving your website SEO by looking after your site structure (user experience) and content to be informative.

To know how to make a professional website in 4 simple steps